Landrover reborn

The new company Jaguar Landrover Classic wants to open their new premises in Coventry in the beginning of 2017. Twenty million pounds have been invested to build up this classic Center. 

Henceforth classic cars and spare parts shall be sold here, and restorations carried out on the highest standard. To showcase their skills, Land Rover has revived a barn find in a very sorry state to to a brilliant example of restoration. They called the project “Land Rover reborn”. On a new Jaguar Land Rover Classic web site, the vehicles on sale can be seen in all their details. To get a first impression, whether the Jaguar really fits to you, one can login to the “classic driving experience”. Here, one can get a classic Jaguar and have a test drive. By the way, this is always recommended before buying a classic car, because not every classic car fits one.

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