60. anniversary of Alfredo “Dono” Ferrari´s death

June 30 marks the anniversary of the death of Alfredo Ferrari for the 60th time. Enzo and Laura Ferraris first son was named Alfredo, lovingly Afredino and “Dino” and Enzo Ferrari strived  from the beginning on, that Afredo should lead the company Ferrari and its racing Department later on. Therefore, Enzo Ferrari has sent Alfredo to the best schools in Europe. At the Corni University in Modena he studied mechanical engineering and finished his studies with a study of a four-cylinder 1500 cc engine with double overhead camshafts and three valves per cylinder. He approached by Vittorio Jano, the Chief Engineer of engine development at Ferrari and proposed to develop a V6 engine for formula 2. This engine was very unconventional, because the cylinders were angled 65° and had two overhead camshafts. This engine wasn´t used until 1956.

Then Alfredo Ferrari in the Switzerland and studied engineering in Fribourg. But during this studies he started to get ill. He suffered under at a muscular dystrophy and died at the age of 24. Enzo Ferrari extremely suffered the death of Dino Ferrari and was wearing a black tie due to this many years and visited the grave of his son every day..