Ford GT40 in the wind tunnel

Ford is planning to launch the new GT40 bull’s-eye on the anniversary of the triple victory of the Ford GT40s at Le Mans in 1966. The super sports car should be available by the end of the year. Currently, technicians still are busy to test the prototypes through and through. Because in addition to a powerful EcoBoost engine, a balanced suspension, of course the carbon body should also have perfect aerodynamics. The body is a tribute to the 66 model, but also includes improved knowledge on perfect aerodynamics, which are to be incorporated in the lightweight carbon body. For this purpose, the prototype is tested again and again in the Wind Tunnel 8 in Allen Park. In this tunnel, the air flow behavior of the Super cars can be simulated up to a speed of 200 km/h. Ford has now published a sneak preview of the new GT40 in the wind tunnel. Also the new adjustable rear wing on the cars, which will ensure the appropriate pressure, can be seen in the video.