Number 10 back on its routes

The oldest Bentley dealership is England is located in West London. It was there, where Bentleys were sold in 1925, who made racing history, like for example the “Number10 Bentley”, the first works race car to participate at the 24 hours of Le Mans. The square in front of the branch was a unique meeting venue in early July. 19 historic Bentleys and about 200 invited guests celebrated a special occasion: the return of the Number 10 Bentley after 91 years to Le Mans. This Bentley was prepared by the William Medcalf Vintage team during the last year for this year’s race in Le Mans. And keeping entirely with the tradition, to launch the official start to this memorable moment at this dealership, as the Bentley boys did it ninety years ago. They drove from here with the Bentley Number 10 to France to the Le Mans race and returned to England on axle after their victory. This forced them to do a few stops and gathering a convoy of 12 Bentleys.

Five of this legendary Bentley cars were placed in front of the dealership for a photo shoot and christened with champagne, to secure a safe ride to Le Mans. At the Le Mans Classic race the team of the Number 10 Bentley proved themselves vastly more successful than the team did 90 years ago, because a rule change had made it more difficult for the participation of the team 90 years ago. The first rounds had to be completed with the roof closed. After the roof did not close with the windscreen and acted like an air brake. The previously calculated amount of fuel therefore wasn´t sufficient and the Bentley stopped. However, the team managed to drive the Bentley on the 6th place in their class. On the Mulsanne straight, the Bentley reached a speed of nearly 130 km/h.