Artwork in Cardboard

The Lincoln Continental was build in 1979. A car which wanted to defy all global trends. The huge car consumed a lot of fuel – and yet it was the symbol of the American lifestyle. That american artist Shannon Goff chose the Lincoln Continental for the installation made of cardboard, is no coincidence. For her grandfather, who formerly spend 21,000 Dollars (today $ 70,000 in accordance to the original price) for a Lincoln Continental V, it was a statement. „ I made it“, was the statement of the Sicilian-American restaurateur . The Lincoln Continental V also became the first car, whose dash indicated how far the fuel would reach.

„Miles to Empty“ … was the caption of the LED counter, which the artist takes as a metaphor for the complexity of the American values in terms of luxury, performance, comfort and autonomy. With her installation, Shannon Goff wants to point out, to check the values again. The fan community of the Lincoln Continental V is large. We see the car in the TV series Dallas, the young Tom Selleck drove him as Magnum and many rap videos and computer games he still impresses today. The white giant, Shannon Goff crafted of card board,
could be seen in the Susan Hilberry Gallery, Michigan, USA.