Eifel Rallye Festival

The Vulkan Eifel was the scenery of the world’s largest encounter of Group B rally cars, those racing cars, to be seen until 1986 in Group-B road racing. Over 60 vehicles and a total of 150 time witnesses from the history of the racing sport came together here. Tens of thousands of fans from Germany and abroad came to see this spectacle.
Together with Audi as a sponsor, this year’s Eifle Rally Festival could triumph with a very special world premiere, the Group S vehicles. As in 1986, the Group B cars were banned. This was the end of the planned successor of the Group S at the same time. Many of these prototypes disappeared into oblivion, almost all of which are still available, were exhibited in Daun. One caused a very special sensation. Audi tradition brought their Group S prototypes not only with the other two original Audi Quattro to the Eifel region, it was even unveiled in action after 30 years for the very first time. “The district rally Festival with his theme of Group B and S was the perfect setting for us to celebrate this premiere”, said Timo Witt, Director of the historic collection of Audi tradition. “So we can make a great contribution to this festival. And here our prototype has completed more kilometres than previously in 30 years. However, we must be cautious, this is a unique piece and all parts are irretrievably.” Double world champion Walter Röhrl was sitting at the steering wheel of the prototype: “it was a terrific experience, this unique prototypes at its world premiere, to control it on the tests of the Eifel rally Festival.”
The Eifel rally is not about Festival competition, is to be with it and demonstrate the vehicles at the show rides.

Prices for Mazda, Audi, Peugeot, and John Davenport
In the absence of a sporting winner, a jury of experts certainly didn´t have an easy task in respect of the high-profile Starter box – to find the winner of the three-day demonstration ride. After intensive consultations, the experts awarded the lovingly reconstructed Mazda RX-7 of Yves Loubet as “Best Replication”. The prize for the best original car was handed Fritz Cirener, Director of Bosch Automotive tradition, Wolf-Dieter Ihle for its newly-built Audi Sport Quattro. The five rally champion Walter Röhrl, Miki Biasion, Stig Blomqvist, Yves Loubet and Harald Demuth chose the Peugeot 205 T16 of Fernando and Dario Garrido as the “champion’s choice” award to their favourite car. In addition the former passenger, team leader and author John Davenport was awarded the “Rallying Ambassador” award as an Ambassador of the sport.

Over 9,000 euro for a good cause
For Eberhard Riedel of the Hessian Biebertal, Christmas and Easter Day fell on the same day on the Festival. He was allowed to look forward even before his birthday on Saturday with a wonderful gift. His daughter, Franziska and wife Anette had bought him a ride in an Audi Sport Quattro on the side of Walter Röhrl , organizing by MSC Daun. The coveted ride on the ‘ hot seat” was fought and the victory bid reached the amount of 4.565,11 euros. “It was worth for our daddy, and it was a unique opportunity,” beamed daughter Franziska. Eberhard Riedel was happy after the ride. “That was an insane experience, it will take some time surely until everything settles.” Wolf-Dieter Ihle, the vehicle owner, had doubled the auction proceed, as he promised before. So, Gerd Becker, the Chairman of the Association of Citizens for Citizens e.V. in Daun, was delighted with a cheque in the amount of 9.130,22 EUR from the hands of organization head Peter Schlömer (Daun).