Bonhmas auction – Daimler SP250 Prototype

The electric Coupe folding roof can be found since 20 years on several vehicles such as the Mercedes SLK , the Peugeot 206 or the Ferrari 458. But the idea for the folding roof reaches back much earlier.

The first electric folding roof was used already in the thirties on the Peugeot Eclipse. Again and again in automotive history, designers tried newer concepts for such a retractable roof. Also the London coachbuilding company Antony H. Croucher & Prototype Engineering Co LTD in the 60s on the Daimler SP250. Pressing a button, the prototype moves the entire hardtop backwards and is lowered so far, that the roof builds a new rear end. Certainly this design didnĀ“t help not to improve the aerodynamics of the Daimler. This unique car is now for sale at Bonhams during the Goodwood Revival auction in September 2016. Designed in 1960, the Daimler SP250 prototype was only completed in 1963. The current owner acquired the Daimler in 1969 and had it in his possession untill today. After a restoration in the year 2013, the vehicle was technically and functionally fully built. The estimate for this true single piece is about 50,000 to 70,000 pounds.

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