Toyota Setsuna concept

Toyota presented its newest design concept at the Milan design week, the Roadster, which reminds a little of an amphibious vehicle. The name for this concept is “Setsuna”, the Japanese term for “Moment”, because with this electric power vehicle, the designer Kenji Tsuji wants to create an automobile for several generations and through the use of wood for body, chassis and Interior every vehicle is its increasingly own unique, depending on the care and use.

It will never look the same like before at any moment. Japanese Birch was used for the frame, for the outer skin a Japanese cedar species. Looking for screws or nails is in vain, because the individual wood components were manufactured and compoesed in the traditional Japanese carpentry techniques Okurlari.
The Setsuna is to be persistent and generational. Therefore, engineers have built a 100-year counter in the dashboard. A small gag, because the Setsuna probably never goes into series production. Because the electric motor was only designed for demonstration rides, it only reaches a top speed of about 45 km/h. The cells are just suit a range of 30 kilometers. Yet this concept is a very good advertising campaign – certainly freely according to the motto: nothing is impossible… Toyotaaaaa!