Rauh Welt Begriff

Although a German name shapes the small Japanese tuning factory “Rauh Welt Begriff” rough world [term], what rather stems from a translation error, since the terms “Rough World [Term]” probably just have been translated, but this name and its abbreviation “RWB” stands now in the tuning scene for high-performance, top-tuned Porsche vehicles.



Every vehicle is unique and in its form and style not biuld twice – even if a customer wants to order the same vehicles multiple times. The small tuning forge sits in Kashiwa / Japan. Now one can’t think about streets and the race tracks in Japan are in Japan without the RWB tagged 911 with their wide rear ends and the wide range of rear spoilers.
In our latitudes, you are unlikely to find RWB Porsche. But the once small garage is expanding more and more. RWB has recently opened two new branches in Dubai. To establish the company in the United States, the Agency Tier10 produced a clip for rough world term at Willow Springs International Raceway in California.