200 years of coachbuilding

The Concours D ´ Elegance at Windsor Castle, held from 2. until 4. September, celebrates 200 years of luxury coachbuilding. Coaches such as the Royal Ascot Landau from 1800, a Phaeton carriage from Barker, decorated with ivory, built in 1842, up to the Touring Superleggera Disco Volante Spider from 2016 will be exhibited. Visitors can see some of the most luxurious hand-crafted bodies. The two mentioned carriage from the Royal fleet are added by three more vehicles, including a Rolls Royce Phantom IV “High-top” State limousine from 1977.
But also unique vehicles of Saoutchik, as for example the Hispano-Suiza H6C Dubonnet Xenia from 1937 with sliding doors and a Talbot Lago Grand sport convertible, expand the exhibition of these luxurious masterpieces. Of course, the Italian coachbuilders should not be missing and so the field is completed with vehicles, such as the Pininfarina Mercedes Benz 300SC and several Zagato coaches as for example the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Spider and the Aston Martin DB4 GT.
The revenues of the Concours D´Elegance be supplied to a charitable purpose. This year the benefaction will be donated to the Queen BB´s choral Foundation, the household Cavalry Foundation and the Springfield Youth Club.