Triumph land Speed record

Triumph has a long history in the setting speed records. Between 1955 and 1970 there were the Devil´s arrow, Texas CEE-GER, the Dudek streamliner and ie Gyronaut X 1, to set such a land speed record. All based on a Triumph. The last record with such a Triumph driven record motorcycle was 395,28 km / H. The last valid speed record of was set by Rocky Robinson 2010 Rocky with his Top-Oil Attack streamliner, reaching 605,697 km / H.
Now, Triumph will return to salt track of Bonneville in Utah / United States to set up a new land speed record. To do this, they build up a special motorcycle. Its dimensions: 778 cm, 61 cm wide and just under 91 centimeters high. It looks like a rocket. The two-wheeled motorcycle is powered by two 2.3 liter Triumph Rocket III engines. The monocoque streamlined body is made from carbon fibre and is very light. In combination, this is about 1000 HP at 9000 RPM.