Alfa Romeo Prototype

One of the undoubtable most beautifull Alfa Romeos is the Giulietta Sprint Speciale. The Design – an extraordinary drawn -out Body with a strong  dropping front, a low roof line AND a flowing hatch, adapted by designer Franco Scaglione drawings for the B.A.T. Mobile. At that time Scaglione worked at the coachbuilding company Bertone and sketched  the Design for the Guilietta Sprint Speciale prototype shown at the Turin Autoshow in 1957. The prototype differed clearly of the later series model. The front tipps down strongly, bringing him the nickname “Dropnose”.After it’s presentation at the Turin Motorshow in 1957 the car disappeared for almost 60 years.


Now the italian collector for unique prototypes, Corrado Lopresto, presents this 1957 prototype at the Concours D’Elegance in Pebble Beach. He had found this car a few years ago and restored it. The prototype still has an aluminium Skin, whilst the series models after 1959 all had a full steel Body. Celebrating the 100. Birthday of Franco Scaglione, Pebble Beach will present a special class with Scaglione coaches , such als the the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale and the Guilietta SS Prototipo.


Copyright: Federico Bajetti