Diamond DA#5

A passion connects the two founders of the Munich Diamond-Atelier from teenage days on: motorcycles. While Pablo Steigleder is on tour at the PanAmericana, Tom Konecny puts hand on motorcycles. Back in Munich, a look at the local bike scene changed their lives. Optimism prevails the custom bike scene, more individuality, pioneering work and a new lifestyle was the speech.

The origin of the Cafe racer is in a subculture of the 60s in the UK. The Naming origins of the legendary ACE Café outside of London. Young ‘rocker’ met there and were racing on the surrounding streets. It was to drive “Record races”. A song was played on the jukebox and the riders had to return from a previously set distance, before the end of the played song. Central scene was always the bike. As the young “rebels” could afford no racing machines, regular series – motorcycles were stripped to minimal and modified accordingly. Plain tanks, small headlights, simple benches and stub-bar were typical of the Café racer.

Until today, where many people work “nine-to-five”, such own modifications are difficult to realize. Tom and Pablo found that one Café racer looked like the other, because they are literally served from finished modular systems. That wasn´t their idea of individuality.

Equally disappointed and anxious they took the things into their own hands. They wanted to set new standards in the scene. From the ground up. To realize the vision of its own brand of handmade unique custom bikes, the two began their studies in marketing and automotive engineering. On a summer night in 2013, the Diamond Atelier was finally created in Munich.

After diamond Studio with their outside-the-norm BMW tags found worldwide recognition, Pablo and Tom wanted a completely new challenge. The scene often relies on the same motorcycle models to make modifications. The two wanted to oppose the something.

Her latest work: The conversion there #5 a Suzuki DR650 terrain engine from 1992. A real challenge, because the dirt bike in its original state is far from the what the two as “handsome” would define. It’s a perfect object, to demonstrate creativity, skill and the passion of diamond Studio.
First, the entire rear frame of the machine was rebuilt. The rear swingarm was laid flat on a new suspension system and a Metzeler Racetec RR racing slick tires includes the perfectly good tail off. The large tank of the terrain engine was replaced by a classic 70’s tank. To customize the entire line of bikes to this tank a special lamp socket was also on the front and formed a hump made of sheet behind the bench. Footrests shifted far to the rear and stub-bar provide the aggressive seating position of the rider. The Café racer should not be comfortable – the current interpretation of this racer is more: so uncomfortable, you drink it with you just to the coffee can go.
With the DA #5 Atelier diamond proves that the bar of conversions can be hung higher and is competitive in the international competition. We wait what Studio’s next project in the garage by diamond…