Chantilly, Arts & Elegance Richard Mille

Chantilly, North of Paris is a jewel of the French garden art and architecture of chateaus. The castle and the world-famous stables are closely connected with the family of the Aga Khan. He had invested many millions to preserve the beautiful facility. The Park and the Castle enabled even the viewers of the James Bond movie “In the face of death” in delight. For the third time, in early September the parks were once again the venue of the “Chantilly, arts & Elegance Richard Mille” event, an extraordinaire Concours D´Elegance. And despite the dark clouds hanging over Chantilly, this event was once again in its enchanting charme. Whether its the French ambience, the “savoir vivre” or just because of the excellent diversity? It surely is issued that among the 100 vehicles in the Park to the Concours D´Elegance were real uniques of the automotive elegance. Experts agree: “Arts & Elegance Richard Mille” Chantilly sets new standards for these kinds of events. The incomparable palace complex, the Park, the hot-blooded horses and the beautifully organized details show an own handwriting. Everywhere the eye will be treated, the senses are addressed. Families with their offspring find attractions that cost nothing extra, and dive into a world of the fine way of life. Also a way to take care of the automotive youth.
A highlight was the Concours of the concept cars with the presentations of the noble tailors such as Balmain, Eymeric François, Giorgio Armani, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jorgen Simonsen and Timothy Everest.
This is how once the Concours d’ Elegance arose: Women presented themselves in fine Couture – and magnificent automobiles with special bodies were presented. The “Best 0f Show” award of the Concours D´Elegance could be presented to the owner of the 1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Lungo Berlinetta, with a special bodywork by Touring. In the field of the concept cars the Citroen DS E-tense concept could take the 1st for price. The price for the best combination between automotive and fashion was received by the McLaren 570 GT in conjunction with the fashion label Jean Paul Gaultier. The “atelier” received a special award for the Zagato of Milan design for the Italian brand MV Augusta motorcycle. This Motorcycle was world premiered in Chantilly. The Mercedes-Maybach 6 vision concept, presented already in Pebble Beach, was awarded with the Public prize.
Among the approximately 13,000 visitors also the one or the other celebrities could be made out this year, including Jean Todt, President of the FIA and US actor John Malkovich, who raved about the exhibited vehicles. Facel Vegas is a brand that Malkovich personally finds particularly fascinating.
The 40 clubs, which brought nearly 800 vehicles in the Park this year, held a small garden party with picnic and champagne and as always wore a large contribution to the success of the arts & elegance events. Even defying the cool weather.