Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

Las week approximately 500 VIPs, clients and other invited guests came to a spectacular black tie event in front the breathtaking scenery of the River Thames. Ferrari North Europe invited to present the new Ferrari GTC4 Lusso. Installed in a fashion show, the four seasons were shown to highlight the all-weather performance of the four-wheel-drive Lusso. Each of the four shown Ferrari GTC4 Lusso was adapted to the respective season, especially by their color. “Bianco Avus” stood for the winter, “Rosso Maranello” for spring, “Blu Tour de France” for the summer and “Argento Nurburgring” for the fall.
The 4-seater Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso is the current flagship of the brand with the horse pranking on the hood. With the patented four wheel drive the Ferrari can move 90% his motor power at low tire grip to the front axle. This gives a full power. In addition he has a steering on all four wheels, which ensures a safe cornering stability at high speeds in steep curves.