MOTORWORLD Classics a total success

A “total success” is how the organisers have assessed this year’s MOTORWORLD Classics Berlin – the classic car show in the style of the good old days in the historic halls and summer garden below the radio tower. The results of the four-day exhibition, which ended on Sunday, October 9, are certainly gratifying, with more than 26,000 trade and public visitors attending the fair, a 30% increase over the previous year. Around one thousand exhibits, among them a great number of high-calibre and extremely rare vehicles, were there to be marvelled at, and many of them changed owners. The exhibiting dealers were also very satisfied, both with the good deals they concluded at the fair, as well as with the invariably interested public visitors.
One thing is already clear: MOTORWORLD Classics Berlin 2017, which will take place on October 5-8 2017, will grow in size. Many exhibitors have already reserved space for the coming year, while new exhibitors have announced that they will be attending. Consequently the classic car show will be making additional exhibiting space available in 2017.

“Our concept is proving to be a success,” trade fair boss Marc Baumüller is happy to say at the end of the fair. “The high quality of the exhibits, including many genuine rarities, radiated their magnetic effect just like all the other elements which transform MOTORWORLD Classics Berlin into a truly special world in the style of the good old days.” Even though the focal point is clearly on selling vehicles, this is no conventional classic car show – as exhibitors and visitors alike confirm. Visitors plunge into another world right at the entrance to the trade fair. Berlin’s historic exhibition halls, which hosted motor shows as long ago as the 1920s and 1930s, create the perfect surroundings. The trade fair team in their stylish outfits, together with the artists and their performances, bring the past back to life. And last but not least, all the motoring treasures are simply captivating. Visitors were able to admire a host of unique vehicles, including a Mini Classic designed by David Bowie, a Rolls Royce Phantom I 10EX Open Tourer, as well as Racing Legend cars owned by the phenomenal racing driver Michael Schumacher, among them the Sauber-Mercedes C291, and the Benetton Ford B 194-5 in which Schumacher won his first Formula 1 World Championship.
The international character of Berlin as a location is a huge plus point, especially for the broad scope of exhibitors. In attendance were manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche, renowned dealers including Rosier Classic Star, Dresdener Klassiker Handel, Altena Classic, Eberlein Ferrari, Arthur Bechtel and HK-Engineering, to name but a few, together with diverse providers of car-driven products, technical specialists, service providers, vendors of accessories and memorabilia, and scene artists.
Not only the over 30 clubs, but also the inaugural ADAC Youngtimer Tour, which had chosen MOTORWORLD Classics Berlin 2016 for its starting and finishing line, provided for lively halls and particularly informative shop talk. In turn, hundreds of private vehicle sellers brought action and variety to the summer garden. Drama could be experienced at the live broadcast of the online auction presented by Auctionata, at which 22 cars, five motorcycles, and an elegant wooden boat from Riva came under the hammer.

Despite the international nature of MOTORWORLD Classics, an important aspect for the organisers is also to instil the atmosphere of Berlin itself, and to visualise, particularly for local visitors, the city’s strong motoring affinity and historical background in the automobile industry. This year, the special exhibition at the trade fair was devoted to the theme of automobile and motorcycle construction in Berlin, with rarities from the 1920s with which even scene insiders are not familiar.

Next date: October 5-8, 2017
“We’ll definitely be back again next year,” announced many of the exhibitors at the end of MOTORWORLD Classics Berlin 2016. “A perfect atmosphere, good discussions, a very high standard, and an extremely dedicated, flexible trade fair team!” The latter is already turning its thoughts to the next round of new highlights and even more space for motoring passion in all its facets.
Accordingly, anybody interested in the trade fair – whether exhibitors, trade or public visitors – should make a note of October 5-8, 2017 in their calendar, when the call once again will be: A very warm welcome to MOTORWORLD Classics Berlin, the truly special classic car show in the style of the good old days.