Malta Classic Grand Prix

The island nation of Malta – slightly smaller than the city of Bremen, once a British colony, and for many a desired destination in autumn, because here the sun shines longer than elsewhere. But in autumn, the smallest European Member State Malta is also goal of classic car enthusiasts. The Malta classic is organized here once in a year.

The Malta classic, this is a mountain Sprint, a Grand Prix through the city of Mdina and in the mountainous western Centre of the island of Malta. In addition a Concours D´Elegance flanks the sports part of the event.

The long Malta classic weekend in early October began on Thursday with the Malta Classic Hill climb. On a closed down road, the route led along the coastal road to the Ta´ Penellu. From this small mountain, you can enjoy wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea. Winner of this mountain race was Michael Pace with his Honda Civic from 1975.

On Friday, the Concours D´Eelegance was held. The sponsorship had been taken over by the Mdina glass company, which provided the hand-crafted glass trophies for the winners as a bonus. Strung between the historic buildings of the former capital Mdina, numerous classic cars were presented to an interested audience. Thousands of tourists and Maltese residents admired the Concours cars in six classes. Here, thoroughbred cars also had a chance on an award. Winner “Best of Show” was a Jaguar E-type Series 1 of 1962. The owner of a Volkswagen Beetle could take home the prize “Popular Classic”. A 1948 Ford Anglia received the prize for the unrestored original condition. The prize for the most beautiful pre war car went to the owner of a Delage CO2 dual cowl from 1922 and Egon Hofer from the Switzerland, with his Ferrari 259 GT SWB from 1960, received the prize for the most beautiful race car.

Many of the participants were accommodated in the traditional Corinthia Palace Hotel, conveniently located to the event. Already the British Royal family were guests, as the private villa has been officially inaugurated into a hotel.