60 years ago – The end of the Sears Allstate Sedan

The Sears mail-order catalog has a long history in the United States and Canada. Already in 1888 the first order catalogue of the R.W. Sears Watch Company appeared on the market. At that time, you could buy only watches and jewelry from the catalog. But by and by other articles where added and it became the largest mail order catalogue for household goods in the US. In 1905, Sears offered the first automotive per catalogue. It was a two-seater build at Lincoln motor car works in Chicago. But the sale lagged and so Sears focused more on selling  accessories for automobiles.

At the beginning of the 50s, Sears was the largest supplier of car batteries, tires and inner tubes in the United States. The idea to sell a car by mail-order catalogue was resumed. It was the Sears Allstate A 330 Deluxe. This was a converted version of the Kaiser Fraser Henry J, on which only the front has been replaced,. Of course, the car got tires of Sears and a Sears car battery. Although the family sedan came along with an attractive price of around 1400 dollars and a 90 day guarantee and thus was the cheapest sedan in the United States – sales were still sluggish. The sale of Sears Allstate Sedan was discontinued in 1955. It was the last time that Sears was trying to record an automobile in their mail order catalog.