Very first International CfC Preservation Concours a full success

For the very first time, the 1. International CFC preservation Concours was held in Munich at the MOTORWORLD, at which only original and unrestored vehicles could participate. Twenty-five cars were admitted to this first competition. The preservation Concours supports a trend that prevails in the classic car scene: once fully restored cars were desirable, is today more and more attention is given to originality and well-kept patina. Each of the 25 participating vehicles told his traces of its very own ‘life’-history.

Unrestored or substance repaired vehicles in accordance with the Charter of Turin, gain more and more importance in the classic car scene,” says President of the jury and initiator Kay MacKenneth, “to allow these vehicles, also the beetle from Grandpa’s garage, a very own competition will certainly disseminated in the future. “We are pleased to stage this Concours for the very first time at the MOTORWORLD Munich.”

The attention of this Concours is defined by the term “Preservation”, because it is mainly about the condition of the vehicles. The vehicles still have to be largely in its original condition, comply with the original factory body, chassis, engine and transmission and any technical parts. In what state is the varnish, the body and the Interior of the vehicle and how far were repairs or changes made. All these aspects incorporate into the final rating of the vehicle. However, the age and the documented history of the vehicle are relevant too. A vehicle that has a particularly interesting history and traces of this history, is rated higher at the end.

A very nice example for such a living history was the De Lorean DMC prototype, the owner even has a handwritten correspondence between DeLorean and Renault, considering a possible cooperation with regard to the engine design. But also the Borgward Isabella TS Deluxe, with extensive photo documentation from the family-owned, scratch marks on the side Windows of the dog of the grandfather or heat marks on the wheel caps through the past hot brakes on the trips in the black forest, bears these aspects. The winner was the De Lorean DMC in the class “Best history”. The Borgward Isabella TS Deluxe received the award of “Best Preserved” because he is hundred percent unrestored and in a piercing out good condition, since 1960 family owned and drove only 73,000 kilometers.

The participating vehicles have been divided into five classes. The AvD Choice Award in the class “Best in Prewar cars” went to the owner of the NSU-Fiat Ballila 508 with a special body build by Gläser. The classic car with a special body has been repaired on the one or the other spot, to avoid further damage, but is preserved in a very good condition.

In the class bread & butter and popular vehicles of the ‘ 50s up ‘ 70s the Barkas B1000 stood out and received the class victory. The vehicle was found several years ago in a warehouse with 0 km on the odometer. The present owner reactivated the mechanical parts and brought the vehicle to run. The Barkas impresses with its original state. Despite the long resting, no serious damage incurred. But it was very difficult to find the class winner for the jury in this class, because in this field featured many real unrestored and original rarities, such as for example the bright orange-red Volkswagen
412 LS or the Goggomobil Furgoneta 350 FM build in Portugal. This in Germany extremely rare Goggomobil model therefore received the jury special award, as it is in a very patinated condition and still well maintained and technically perfect.

Also family owned since 1954 is the Glas R200 roller. The grandfather of the current owner assembled yet a sidecar of company Royal to the scooter. The scooter stood out in its very nice patina and perfect condition. Therefore, he received the class win in the class “Motorcycles”.

One vehicle especially impressed the jury. The almost factory-new presented Audi 100 Coupé S built in 1972. 1985 the Audi was shut down and parked in Italy. The door panels in the Interior were still covered with plastic at its resurrecting in 2014. The Interior was in the best condition. Only a small stand damage, such as jamed brake had to be repaired. The jury rewarded the condition of the vehicle with the award “Best in Class Sedans and Coupés of the 60’s and 70 ‘s”.

The “Allianz Choice award” went to the very rare unrestored Riley Pathfinder. Also this vehicle demonstrated clearly, how nice conserved patina appears on a vehicle.

Best of show became the class winner of the “Sports cars”, the Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalve. Owned for 28 years, the sports car has over 300 000 kilometers on the odometer. The owner drove already 220 000 km in the 28 years, the vehicle is in his possession and the vehicle is still in an immaculately maintained condition.

The field of participants have been evaluated by the top-class expert jury, represented by Jürgen Lewandowski, Ruedi Müller, Jürgen Ockens, Jochen Thoma, Andreas Laidig and Kay MacKenneth.

The International CFC Preservation Concours will take place in the spring of 2017 for the second time. Applications are available on the website or by sending an email to .


Winner of 1st International CFC preservation Concours:

“Best of Show” choice by jury
Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalve (Magnum Ferrari) owner Kai Jacobsen

Jury special award
Goggomobil furgoneta 350 FM, owner Michael Scharpf


Preservation award
Borward Isabella TS DeLuxe, owner m Rohrer


AvD car club choice award prewar cars
NSU-Fiat Ballila 508 with glass body, owner Marita Prinz


Alliance choice award
Riley Pathfinder, owner of Marita Ockens


Best of class bread & butter
Barkas B1000, owner Dirk Pfefferle


Best of class sedans & Coupés
Audi 100 Coupé S, owner Rene Heinze


Best of class sports cars
Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalve, Kai Jacobsen


Best of class motorcycle
Glass R200 with sidecar, owner Helmut Schlecht


Best of history
De Lorean motor company DMC-12, owner Christian Peschke


Special preservation restoration “Future Project”

Award by Hangar44
Mercedes Benz 180D pontoon