Historical Heritage on Wheels

When the autumn comes, many museums prepare for a major cultural event: “The long night of the museums”.
Since eight years the rolling Museum belongs to the 96 open museums and exhibitions in Munich. Dedicated classic car owners bring your treasures in the spotlight and show what it means to preserve and move historical heritage on wheels. The rolling Museum was initiated by Classics for Charity e.V. and organised this year for the very first time by Magna Ingredi. This annual event is made possible with the help by sponsors and the classic car drivers Themselves. 2016 the main sponsors were the MOTORWORLD and Citrix.

Between the German Museum, the largest technical Museum in the world, and the Traffic Museum above the Octoberfest-Theresienwiese, classic cars commute to take guests on a fixed route on time travel. 2016, there was a large audience. Through the vast continuous flow at both museums, the classic car owners were in top form and drove with hardly any break. Overall, approximately 5200 people were taken on time travel before the engines were turned off at midnight. From the tiny Goggomobil Furgoneta up to the great US car models, the large range of vehicles impressed the visitors. To ride in a luxury vehicle, didn´t just remain a dream for many guests. Silently the noble Bentleys and Rolls Royce hummed through the night. Driving in an open convertible on the four kilometre long route was an unforgettable adventure in the mild autumn temperatures and full moon night. Many visitors were enthusiastic about these athletic trips.
From Ingolstadt out of the Audi Museum mobile tradition, came an exceptional DKW electric bus and a DKW quick truck with two-stroke engine. He and also the cult Volkswagen Bulli busses chauffeured large groups of visitors. Volkswagen classic sent the absolute crowd darling, the Volkswagen ‘Herbie’ in addition to the previous Lufthansa crew bus.
Visitors of the long night of the museums came from all over the world. Three au pair girls from Mexico, Canada and Wales were excited about the possibility, to be driven through the night in a classic Mercedes Benz limousine. In the Ford Mustang, two young ladies took the opportunity to shoot as many Selfies as they could for their father and a 25-year man erupted in tears in the De Lorean DMC, because his life’s dream finally came true. Each trip was an experience and created it´s very own story.
The presenters Andreas Sinnhuber and Detlef Krehl were wonderfully entertaining through the night. So, even the long queues and the waiting was fun.