Equus Bass 770 – The rebirth


Mustang, Corvette and Dodge Charger – name, where the muscle car fan already hears the power-charged engine sounds of the 60s. The Equus is new. The Latin word for horse, to commemorate the Ford Mustang. The badge is also emblazoned on the front of the 2015 bass 770. This new generation of the Equus Musle car is a tribute to its legendary powerfull predecessor. An icon of the present, built in the home of the muscle cars, the United States. For six years, the small plant in Rochester Hills, Michigan, developed the approximately 250,000 dollar Equus Bass 770. His sheet metal dress clearly is a reminiscent of the times of the coke-bottle design and the pony cars. From a distance one could mix him up at the first glance with a classic Ford Mustang Shelby Ford. Under the hood, a turbo charged 6.2 liter LS9 V8 buzzing aluminum machine. The manufacturer assures that it defies all the world’s emissions laws and stays comply within the limit values. The Interior is reminiscent of the earlier designs and shows classic.


Fotos: Equus