Oldtimer in Yucatan

In our latitudes Classic cars are now prepared for their earned winter rest. In Guatamala, in the South of the Yucatan Peninsula, between Mexico and Honduras, classic cars consistently have high season. On the second Sunday in November, the tenth classic car meeting”El rock de los Carros” (rock of the cars) took place in front the local classic car Museum in Guatamala city. Thousands of visitors could marvel at about 300 vintage cars. The oldest vehicle was from 1901, the youngest of 1980. According to Luis Garcia, one of the organizers, about 1.000.500 classic cars are still arround in Guatemala. Some of them were already rescued and restored, others drive still in poor condition on the streets and more are just turned off. The aim is to save all these vehicles.

The Festival has grown over the years and now the revenue of the classic car meeting are donated to the three Mercy Houses in San Cristobal, San Lucas Toliman and Chimaltenango. The Mercy Houses organization is dedicated to the support of undernourished children under five years of age in Guatemala. Roughly a million children in the country under five years of age are suffering of by the extreme poverty and hunger.

“El rock de los Carros” is one of the largest and most important meetings in Central Latin America. The vintage car collectors bring above all American vehicles from Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler to the meeting. Some models are Russian brands, Central America Fiat and some Japanese vehicles. Of course many Mexico beetles dominated the meeting. Some exhibited vehicles were dressed up as the supporting actors in the animated film “Cars”, to offer something for younger visitors. A military combo to care of the rock music.
A highlight this year was the four-ton 1959 Cadillac President sedan from Jorge Ubico, fully armored and equipped with a V8 engine. Only two presidents ever used this sedan, President Juan Jose Arevalo, ruling from 1944 to 1951 and 2015 Alejandro Maldonado.

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