A deli for supercar fans

It´s all about fast cars, fun and party at the fast car Festival on the Donington Park circuit. On the last weekend in July, members of the Supercar Driver Clubs bring their own hyper – and supercars on the race track. Bugatti Veyron and Pagani Zondas, Koenigseggs next to Ferrari 458s, Porsche 911 turbos and Lamborghini Huracans – this is a deli for the supercar enthusiast. Also part of the game: the TVR Club and the Lotus drivers Club, when the world’s largest performance brands compete for attention.
Anyone who wants to bring his car on the race track, must abide by some rules. Among others, a safety and volume test is mandatory, before going on the track.
At this event, it does not matter if one turns up with a classic, hot rod, super car or with a racing car – only must-have: the vehicle has to have four wheels and is fast. Therefore also the presentation of the E-formula 1 cars will be exiting. In addition to the attractions on wheels, there are open-air concerts and partys.