Jaguar XKSS in Los Angeles

Between 1955 and 1957 the Jaguar D-type were very successful at Le Mans. However, already in 1955 the small series of the D-type has been stopped. Over a dozen bodies remained in the plant and it was decided to build street worthy super sports car at Jaguar from the leftover D-Types, the Jaguar XK-SS series. This series was intended mainly for the US market. One renounced the distinctive tail fin of the D-types, removed the strut between the passenger and driver and added a door on the passenger side. Also chrome bumpers were added, a higher windscreen and a fabric roof. Otherwise the features of the Jaguar D-type were kept, the big covered headlights, the curved aerodynamic shape and the oval radiator opening.

25 Jaguar XKSS should be produced as a whole. But it did not. On February 12, 1957, there was a fire in the factory hall in the Jaguar factory, in which also the pre-conversion Jaguar D-types stood. 270 vehicles and 9 D-types were completely destroyed. In the beginning of 2016 Jaguar declared to build up the remaining nine vehicles until 2017.

The first models of these rebuilds has now been presented at the los Angeles Motor Show.