Super Truck: Do you desire a Classic Transporter?

Do you desire a classic transporter? Then you now have the unique opportunity to bid on one of the twelve General Motors Futurliner at the Mecum Auction in the United States. The special feature of this GM Futurliner No. 5: it is an oversized pickup truck with a nearly eight and a half metres long loading platform with a hydraulic ramp. But this Futurliner coming up for auction was originally not a pickup, but converted after its closure in 1956. All Futurliners were used for some years for a U.S. American security program.
The National Automotive & truck Museum eventually found the Futurliner No. 5 in a desolate condition. At this point there was only the stainless steel trim, the front part of the cabins and the rear axle left. The rest had fallen to rust. The Museum has built the existing remains on the chassis of a 1978 new C.C.C. garbage truck and equipped it with a Cummins N855 straight eight diesel engine. The transmission was replaced, to convert the Futurliner to a transporter for american truck and bus legends, such as for example the yellow school busses. If needed, a floodlights for nighttime cargo moves out from the front cab.
An American automobile legend, which is certainly not quite original, but at least a real eye catcher.