For nearly forty years a 1955 Volkswagen T1 delivery van was hidden under corrugated sheets in a deep forest section in the French Alps. The nature had already incorporated the vehicle. In the summer 2016, six friend went to rescue this Volkswagen Bully bus. Vintage fan Florian had the note by a collector, who discovered the car about 15 years ago while collecting mushrooms, that the vehicle is in the Chartreuse Valley near Grenoble, Due to the good directions, Florian could find the Bully bus in the forest. Florian was immediately fascinated by the morbid state of the Bully and initially didn´t want to destroy the idyllic installation, the bus had build with the nature. But the idea to save the bus, wouldn’t let go of him. He could locate the owner of the land and bought the Volkswagen T1 van from the owner. Now, the biggest challenge stood before him, to get the bus out from the deep forest.

There was only one way: the Bulli bus had to be made ready to ride on axis through the forest. Once again went on its own Florian to the Bully bus and uncovered him. Then he had mounted four rims with tires to free on the stucked bus. He tried to pull the bus with a winch. The bus has been stuck between two trees. The bus was moving and rolled into the clearing. He fitted a tow bar to the front and wanted to come back with a tractor. But the terrain is very difficult and the idea of pulling the bus with a tractor appeared very difficult. Florian came a new idea.

He contacted some friends and asked them if they help him to rescue the bus. Florian received the necessary spare parts of a friendly parts dealer (Serial Kombi). With several fully loaded vehicles, tents and a mobile generator, the friends broke up, to save the Bulli. It had rained the days before and the ascent in the forest turned out to be harder than you think. Arriving at the Bully bus they began to make everything ready. Brakes were replaced, the motor was replaced by a functional motor, metal shaped, braces fitted, etc.

Everything was ready the next day. The engine of the bus has been started and the Bulli rolled off. All-terrain Tires ensured that the bus had a good grip on the slippery floor. Overnight the six friends had repaired the bus as far as possible, so that he now could drive down the mountain and through the forest on his own axis. The truly extraordinary story of the rescue was captured in a very beautiful movie.

RESURRECTION – Rescue of a VW 1955 panelvan – Forest find ! from AirMapp on Vimeo.

FOTOS: © / Vimeo