McLaren’s first electric P1

McLaren tested its first electrically powered McLaren P1 on the Goodwood circuit for the very first time in the fall. The test driver: Leo, 4 years old.

The open McLaren P1 in Vulcano yellow accelerates from zero to maximum speed in outstanding 2 seconds. Max speed – tight 1.3 m / sec. Test driver Leo was thrilled by the very first pure electrically powered McLaren P1 and has put him straight on his Christmas wish list, because the small McLaren P1 racer is the very new electrically driven children´s cart, which is built under the license of McLaren. The little car has an electric start and stop button and is equipped with three speeds and a reverse gear. The built-in MP3 player provides the entertainment, and allows to listen to car-savvy children’s songs. Available is the electric children car at all McLaren dealers and costs about 450 euro.