automobile or motorbike?

So far, the Morgan three Wheeler was the best alternative for automotive enthusiasts if it was for having fun with a Trike during leisure times or holidays. Now, the American manufacturer Vanderhall presents, three years after its prototype, a fun vehicle, that – as Marketing Director Daniel Boyer pointed out – isn’t a car, but a motorbike, for that you need a motorcycle driver’s license. The reason is the windshield, the roll bars and seat belts. (At least in California).
Of course, the Vanderhall Laguna is a lightweight with only 703 kilos. Therefore, the 1.4 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine by Opel with its 200 Horsepower feels like a rocket engine. The small motorcycle will be produced in 2016. Each model with only 25 copies. The price is: $ 77,000.