A Sicilian Dream

The history of the automobile is rarely the contents of a full-length feature film. But a BBC documentary series has now succeeded so well that they have been prize awarded at the Nice film festival and the Indianapolis Film Festival.

Race car driver Alain de Cadenet and the BBC presenter Francesco since Mosto managed to tell the story of the Targa Florio in a dramatic race movie. One of the protagonists is the Italian racing driver Felice Narazzo, who had won the Targa Florio with a Fiat in 1907. In 1913 the large 600-mile Giro around the island of Sicily followed.

The film mainly tells the story of of the Sicilian entrepreneur Vinzenzo Florio, who lost his passion to the automobile. He is the son of a wealthy family and grew up without any money worries. As a young man he imported pretty much every automobile, of whom he had heard, onto the island. The film is a true retro perspective of Vinzenzo Florio. It shows the troubles of his youth, but also the evolution of the later Targa Florio race. A real treat for classic car lovers. To see the early Edwardian cars before 1919, a Panhard from 1903 or the Daimler by 1908 Targa Florio.

Alain de Cadenet is even driving his own Alfa Romeo 6C, in which Tazio Nuvolari had won the Targa Florio in 1931. The jump between the commented-out contributions from da Mosto and de Cadenet developes an exciting, dynamic motion, equal to the really very authentic re-enacted scenes of the races .

PHOTOS: A Sicilian Dream / Vimeo