Swap to street challenge

It was a real challenge. Hagerty posed a challenge, to rebuild a Ford Tudor, from which only chassis, an empty engine block and a gearbox existed, in 100 hours of work, with a budget of $10,000 and a small team during the autojumble in Hershey / United States, using only spare parts from the parts market. The market in Hershey is one of the largest spare parts markets of the United States and for years there are rumors circulating in the classic car scene, that one could assemble several complete vehicles from the offered spare parts on this market.

Last year, Hagerty has rebuild a 1964 Ford Pick-Up from the spare parts during the four days of the event, this year it was a 1930 Ford Model A. Whether it would become a sedan, Pick-Up, or Coupe you couldn’t tell at first, because all the parts had to be searched and collected at first. This affected all suspension parts, brakes, electrics, interiors and add-on parts. Above all the body parts had to be found. But very quickly it was clear, it will become a so-called Fordor Sedan, a four-door car with six side Windows.
The team, consisting of four mechanics, labored day and night in the development of the Ford. They also wanted to prove , that one doesn´t necessarily need much experience, but in particular the drive to deal with the matter and to have fun to look for parts and to be interested in the construction of a vehicle. Everyone who already has restored a classic car, knows that searching for the parts takes most of the time.

In a time-lapse film, Hagerty captured the construction work of the Ford. You could watch all setup actions live online.

To prove that the rebuild of the Ford Model A was successful at the end, the crew members had to drive with the Ford to the Hagerty headquarters in North Michigan. The mission was successful.

Photos: ©Hagerty / Youtube