Rezvani Alpha Beast

The Start-Up company REZVANI in Santa Monica California/United States was founded several years ago by Fardees REZVANI. 2014 REZVANI presented his first model, the REZVANI „Beast“ Supercar based on the British Ariel Atom 3-. The „Beast“ replaced the minimalist body of the atom 3 and receives a carbon fibre-reinforced plastic body. Fardees REZVANI,the son of a fighter jet pilot, was obsessed by the dream of flying.

All previously designed REZVANI models are open roadsters. Mid November 2016 REZVANI presented the new closed REZVANI Coupé Alpha Beast. The so-called SideWinder doors are the special feature of this hypersports Coupé. These doors slide out parallel to the vehicle and then drive forward. This way the doors stay close to the car and are very practical, especially in tight car parks. Of course the company didn´t want to forgo the concept of the open Roadster. Therefore, the Alpha is equipped with a removable hardtop. This can be taken off the Alpha when the weather is fine and then offers the fresh feeling of the Roadster. The body of the Alpha Beast is also produced of very light weight carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. The light weight of approx. 880 Kilograms and the performance of 500PS brings the Supersports car in 2.7 seconds to 100 km/h. The price for the REZVANI Alpha Beast is around 190.00 Euro.

Photos: ©Rezvani