For the first time, the adventure off-road rally “Transpinocchiana” was held mid November 2016. The participants were led far away from the regular roads, leading them through Catalonia and the french Pyrenees. Four teams in their Volkswagen Bully buses, left to deal with the several days long offroad experience. Sleeping was under the open sky, driving in all weather conditions. Some sections were very muddy after the heavy rains and a real challenge for the riders of the historic T1 buses. But they repeatedly proved the off-road capability. Even the small rivers, such as for example the Segre River in Spain, were crossed by the teams with their vehicles. This has resulted in exciting shots for the short film by Reimon BC about this adventurous expedition. Even if not all of the vehicles came through – sometimes the way is the goal and to be with it is important.

TRANSPINOCCHIANA 2016 from Reimon BC on Vimeo.

Photos: ©Reimon BC / Vimeo