100 Miles of Amsterdam

Every year on the last Sunday before Christmas takes the “100 Miles Of Amsterdam” around Amsterdam/Holland “. About 55 pre-war classic cars gather in the afternoon on the Grote Markt in Haarlem. Because the special feature of this rallye is that the 100-mile run is hold during the evening and night hours. About half of the participants had come from abroad to the Netherlands. Six from Ireland and thirteen vehicles from England. After a rich strengthening dinner for the participants, the Dutch comedian and singer Jules Deelder waved this years starter flag.

It is quite a challenge to roar through the night with vintage cars – especially in winter when the night feels ice cold in an open pre war car. The first stage was completed on the Zandvoort race track. Here skill was required. The driver had to drive a specified time on a icy set distance. Too much gas meant to go back to the starting line. As well as for candidates who drove too slow. Of course Dutch culture couldn´t be missed at this rallye. At the first stop at a bar in Amsterdam, the participants had to eat traditionally a raw herring. Who did not do so, received penalty points. Drivers in a closed classic car had significant disadvantages for the next trial, because a ball had to be thrown in a basket along the Canal while riding.

The world famous Rijksmuseum (National Museum) has been renovated recently. While fiercely discussed in politics, whether cyclists may drive under the Museum in the future, it were the pre-war cars, who enjoyed the right of way at the Museum that evening.

Then it went back out in the countryside around Amsterdam. The fog raised and the visibility was significantly impeded. No problem, if it goes on a straight, well-lit street, but the route led through winding small streets without a middle stripe. For all drivers a demanding challenge. One vehicle was led astray and had to be withdrawn on the road from the embankment. But the later the night, the clearer and colder was it. But then around midnight the first participants crossed the finishing line in Out-Zuilen near the city of Utrecht.

Winner of the rallye is the team Notebom/Belser with their 1921 Stutz K Open Tourer. The second place was occupied by van Blaricum / van Blaricum with their 1931 Lagonda, right before the team Gast/Gast with their very original 1928 Lancia Dilambda.

PHOTOS: ©WMfotografie.nl