Celebrities Classic Car Collector: Billy F. Gibbons

Billy Gibbons is known as the lead singer of the Band ZZ Top, formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas. 1971 the first album of the band was published, with the name “ZZ-Top BB´s first album”. ZZ-Top started its music with blues-rock, but steadily changed over the years. They switched to new wave, punk rock, but also to hip hop interpretations, like in their album “La Futura” from 2012. Billy Gibbons, the man with the long red beard, is not only known for its collection of over one hundred electric guitars, including the only three times built Gretsch from 1959, but has also a second passion: cars that are very special.

No later than at the release of the album “Eliminator”, Billy Gibbons was known as a lover of custom cars and hot rods. On the cover of the album features the 1934 Ford three window is Coupé with the name “Eliminator”. This red Hot Rod has become the trademark and was reflected in the video clips of the ZZ Top songsGimme all your Lovin’, “Legs” and “Sharp Dressed man”. In the meantime, various hot rods and custom cars have met over the years in a considerable collection. All vehicles are unique in their kind and form a very special collection.

And another vehicle that has grown Billy Gibbson heart, a Cadillac based on a Series Sedanette from 1962, nicknamed “CadZZilla”. This unique specimen of custom cars has been rebuilt for nearly 900,000 dollars. No wonder that Gibbons has accommodated the CadZZilla in some videos, such as the song “Double Back”.
Cars are very closely connected with the history of the band ZZ Top. The songs “Chevrolet”, “She loves my automobile” or “Arrested For Driving While Blind” are very nice examples. Also in the video clip for the song “I Gotsta get paid” by 2012, hot rods play a major role. Including also real master pieces without any equal, such as the 1934 Ford V8 ½ ton Pick Up hot rod by Jimmy “Shine” Falschlehner from the South California Speed Shop. This pickup made a splash at the 2012 SEMA in Las Vegas. From the same workshop comes the 1934 Ford V8 3 window Coupé with the nickname “Whiskey Runner”, driven by Billy Gibbons in the video clip. Further the video features a 1930s Ford Model A hot rod and an another 1934 Ford V8 3-window Coupé.

The collection of Billy F. Gibbons is large and some vehicles are accommodated even in a Museum in Los Angeles. Otherwise, the vehicles in three large garages with each a lift, if anything needs be to repaired. In the hot rod and custom car scene, Gibbons is named as an absolute insiders and expert. After all, his collection includes some of the most renowned works of art from this scene. Including the Chrevrolet Slampala, a 1962 Impala, which was left as far as original. Only an air suspension was installed on the chassis. The Slampala made a name for himself especially in the lowrider scene.

A lowered and chopped 1948 Pontiac Silver Streak became known as the Leapin’ Limo ´. The chassis of the sedan was extended by about a meter. A 1936 Ford three window Coupé with a sinister-looking paint scheme and a laughing skull in the front grille is known as the “ Mambo Coupé “. A 1950 Ford Sedan Coupé was praised as “Kopperhed” in the scene. He is lowered and the two doors are extended about 25 cm.

Privately, Gibbons drives modern vehicles, such as a Lamborghini Gallardo. His collection is surely expected to increase. Always according to the motto: loud, low and rock & roll!