Al Serkal classic car Museum

Don´t expect too much – but look forward to collecting passion. The Al Serkal Museum is certainly not a role model in terms of a classic car Museum. More so, one must respect that here a private collector makes its treasures accessible to the general public.

The collection is housed in an office building of the Al Serkal group. The founder and CEO of this Al Serkal Group, Mr. Nasser, is also the owner of countless classic vehicles, which are cramped next to each other. There is no opening hours. The museum is open open, when the Offices are open. So on some days it´s rather hit and Miss.

An estimated seventy classic cars are exhibited in the big hall with the ornate glass roof. The collection consists primarily of US cars, including some interesting Ford, Chevrolet or Buick Pickups. But of course the representative vehicles should not be missed, because often such collections are simply the “garage” for all that accumulated cars over the years. Who previously drove an older car, was considered a poor man. This was the reason why vehicles were changed regulary. However disused vehicles were not sold or scrapped, but stowed. Only in the last several years, understanding for vintage cars is growing in the United Arab Emirates. In the Al Serkal collection the Cadillac Fleetwood 75 sedan from 1962 or even the Cadillac Fleetwood 75 limousine by 1980 are a good example of this. Right next to them is also a Plymouth Fury DeSoto from 1959, or even the 1996 Rolls Royce Silver Spur with a Park Ward body.

PHOTOS: ©Kay MacKenneth