Last exit

Since end of July 2016, Dubai has a new attraction: “Last Exit”. The attraction is located at exit Nr. 11 of the E11 in Jebel Ali, the most important connection road that runs parallel to Sheik Zayed Road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. The food truck Park “Last Exit”, is 15,000 square meters in size and for some even worth to take a 30 minute taxi ride from Dubai.

Then it’s an immersion into the flair of the 50s. Just in time – since the very first drive Inn restaurant in Dallas/Texas has opened around 95 years ago.

It is the first gourmet food Park of its kind. For the Emiratis, who are culinary lovers, this is a hotspot in the dance of the permanent new restaurant openings. At the “Last exit” everybody finds what he desires. Dine-in and drive through food trucks with a wide range of culinary specialities from Latin America, US, Italy, and the Middle East. Who wants to take a break, parks his vehicle and enjoys the atmosphere of classic trucks from where the meals are served. From the American streamliner to the French Citroen HY, Italian apes for the coffee up to the Volkswagen platform Bully – also the eye enjoys. The variety of classic food trucks is huge.

Automobile atmosphere is also presented in the Dine-in roadhouse. Equipped with props and furniture from the 50s, the decorations is complemented with automotive spare parts. Gas station dispenser handles at the doors in the main entrance, a tool wall or a wooden wall with car spare parts in the entrance to the restrooms. Everything is thought out with lots of imagination, up to the smallest detail. Here, even the way is to the quiet restroom is a highlight.

Despite all the joy of the new hotspot, the classic car scene in Dubai faces also problems due to the trend. Vintage collectors complain the big demand according to classical buses and trailers. Their destination it is now to be converted into new food trucks.

The Emirati company Meraas, that is responsible for other lifestyle venues in Dubai such as the ‘City Walk’, “Box Park” and “The Beach”, recently announced to open up to another nine food truck parks in and around Dubai.

PHOTOS: ©Kay MacKenneth