Max Garage

The restoration company of confidence in Dubai is Vijay Pillai, who has specialized in the restoration of classic cars for about eleven years. Even a test drive through the busy traffic on the roads of Dubai belongs to it. Vijay Pillai had his first contact with vintage cars, when a customer from Australia wanted to restore his Daimler Dart. The spark and the idea, to keep as close as possible to the original, skipped over.

In the meanwhile, the classic cars fill four halls of the Max Garage of Vijay Pillai, which wait for their restoration or completion.
The time is short, because the Concours d ‘ Elegance in Kuwait is the next appearance for the most beautiful vintage cars in the region. Presenting the rare Adenauer 300 convertible, Vijay Pillai can hardly conceal his pride, as he tells about the high State guests who have travelled in this classic. The valuable vehicle has been restored for seven years. The owner had to be very patient, because the supply of original spare parts for a such rare vehicle is extremely difficult. “The car is already on the road,” reported Vijay Pillai, “but still lacks a few things such as chrome details, which are not yet perfect.” Most spare parts are coming from the Mercedes Classic Center from Germany, while the motor was overhauled at a famous company in United States, which focuses exclusively on 300 engines.

The situation to the procurement of spare parts is becoming increasingly difficult since a few years. “It is especially a challenge to get the rubber parts “, so Vijay Pillai “because the dealers here are not supplied by Mercedes and even if you get them, they are overly expensive.”

Originality, this has quickly been adapted in the land of 1001 possibilities – is most important for the restoration of a vintage car, which will gain value. This si why the owner of the Jaguar provided Vijay Pillai with all the details he could get hold of.

The research of exact dates and peculiarities of a vintage car is before any restoration. While the Internet is often the only way of information to come. “There is little chance to catch up on the local market here. For this, we are instructed on the Internet or historical books. Of course but it depends on each of them how much a customer that wants to use time and money”, reported the Restorer and”With every vehicle we make we get better and better.”

The sheet metal work be carried out by specialists, who pass on the craft of blacksmithing in the family for generations. “This has enabled us to fabricate parts and bring them back to their old beauty”, so Vijay Pillai “because there are simply no longer to buy many parts.”
there is no comprehensive training to the vehicle Restorer in the United Arab Emirates, therefore the entrepreneur performs weekly courses of training for its employees.

The high quality of the Max garage by Vijay Pillai has spread to be across national borders. “Four to five vehicles that we have restored went to Germany”, he says “The most other customers but sit in the Gulf States.”