2. CFC Preservation Concours

For the second time, the International CFC preservation Concours will be held in Munich at the MOTORWORLD München, at which only original and unrestored vehicles could participate. Twenty-five cars will be admitted to this first competition. The Preservation Concours supports a trend that prevails in the classic car scene: once fully restored cars were desirable, is today more and more attention is given to originality and well-kept patina. Each of the 25 participating vehicles tells his traces of its very own ‘life’-history.

Unrestored or substance repaired vehicles in accordance with the Charter of Turin, gain more and more importance in the classic car scene,” says President of the jury and initiator Kay MacKenneth, “to allow these vehicles, also the beetle from Grandpa’s garage, a very own co3mpetition will certainly disseminated in the future. “We are pleased to stage this Concours for the very first time at the MOTORWORLD Munich.”

The attention of this Concours is defined by the term “Preservation”, because it is mainly about the condition of the vehicles. The vehicles still have to be largely in its original condition, comply with the original factory body, chassis, engine and transmission and any technical parts. In what state is the varnish, the body and the Interior of the vehicle and how far were repairs or changes made. All these aspects incorporate into the final rating of the vehicle. However, the age and the documented history of the vehicle are relevant too. A vehicle that has a particularly interesting history and traces of this history, is rated higher at the end.

Owners of unrestored vehicles can register now for this unique preservation Concours. Approved are only automobiles and motorcycles, which were built before 1986, and are still in its original unrestored condition. It is very important that also vehicles like micro cars, thorough bred cars vehicles and mid-size vehicles are approved for this concours

The preservation state of the original vehicle, the originality of the paint, matching numbers according to the extradition papers, technical condition, conservation condition of the Interior,  the vehicle history, original accessories, rarity value of the vehicle and the age in relation to the conservation will be assessed by the jury. The originality of the vehicle depends on the FIVA int. Technical code:

Group A: Standart
A historic vehicle in the standard specifications as in the condition of delivery with any small cosmetic changes or modifications and accessories that are in period.


Group B: modified in period
A historic vehicle that has been modified or rebuilt for certain purposes. Typical of its kind and of historical interest. (The conversion took place within 15 years after the delivery).


The Concours is divided into different classes:
Class 1: born to be wild

Unrestaurierte motorcycles, built in the 60s
Class 2: International prestige

Limousines from the 50’s and 60’s
Class 3: Charlston

Pre war vehicles from the 1910s up 1930s
Class 4: streets of San Francisco

Cars of the 60’s and 70’s
Class 5: Thorough Bred Cars

Microcars and mass mobility from the 50s to the 70s
Class 6: Gentlemens toys

Sports car from the post-war period


If you have an original unrestored preserved classic that fits in one of the listed categories then apply now with the Application form which can be downloaded on classics-for-charity.com.