Ferrari 308 GTS

The Ferrari 308 reached fame due to its presence in the 80s TV series “Magnum” with Tom Selleck. The series hero Thomas Magnum was able to drive a red Ferrari 308 GTS owned by his employer in almost every episode of the series.

The Ferrari 308 GTB was presented 1975 at the Paris Motor Show for the first time. He was a record hit, because 21.678 units of the popular Ferraris were built from 1975 until its demise in 1989. Some 8,000 units were build as the popular open Ferrari GTS Spider. Although the spider was more or less a Targa, because the roof could “only” be removed and had to be stowed behind the seats.

The designation 308 GTS refers in the first two numbers to the three litre capacity and the eight stands for the transversely-mounted eight-cylinder mid-engine. “GT” stands for Grand Tourismo. “S” stands for the open Spider. On the driver’s side is the emblem of Pininfarina, as the sporty wedge-shaped body of the 308 series was designed by Leonardo Fioravanti at Pininfarina. The body is built on a on a tubular frame. While the Berlinetta GTB body is manufactured in plastic, the spiders were fitted with a metal dress. This was due to the U.S. Safety Agency, which has senn a risk in the plastic body. Also, the rather meager performance of the later 308 series is due to the US authorities. The original 255 HP the 308 referred from four Weber carburetors. Due to the US environmental protection agency, a Bosch K-Jet injection was incorporated in 1980 in the 308. So the athletes lost about 40 HP. 1982 Ferrari then introduced the “Quattrovalvole” version with 32 valves. This increased the power again for 26 HP. After all, the Ferrari 308 GTS reaches about 265 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100km / h in 6.5 seconds.

The rear side windows are hidden behind an air intake gill, leading the air to the oil cooler. The Quattrovalvole is recognizable through the narrow air inlets on the front hood and the small Ferrari emblems on the exterior mirrors. Small rectangular headlights are located left and right at the front cooling and small additional indicators are located on the front fenders. In the Interior there are changes. The three-spoked steering wheel with a flat triangle in the middle is typical for the GTS.

The Ferrari 308 GTS shown is in the current ownership since 1988 and in a perfect original condition. The 308 is certainly known as the top sports cars of the 70’s and 80’s. Cars in a good condition increase currently significantly in value.

PHOTOS: ©Kay MacKenneth / Classic Car TV