House with car-collection for sale

Normally one would start with the description of a property with the big garage, but in this case, we must make an exception. 2013 the world’s most expensive Mercedes-Benz, the 1936 540 K Spezial Roadster, was sold at the Gooding & Co. Pebble Beach auction for 11.770.00 $. Exactly this Spezial Roadster stands next to a Pagani Huarya, a Ferrari 488, a Bugatti Veyron Allard, Ariel and other real rarities in the huge garage, which belongs to this estate. Though every automotive enthusiast is now believed to take a closer look at this probably most expensive Villa of the United States in Bel Air/Los Angeles with a price of $250 million. Only the vehicles are indeed worth $30 million.
As in the US usual, the villa is sold empty, but with the complete inventory, even with the complete garage. A non functional helicopter on the roof, which appeared in the TV series “Airwolf” in the 80s.

Countless rooms on approximately 11 580 square meters. In the Foyer stands a 1 million-dollar sculpture of a Leica camera, a cinema with 40 seats, 4 bowling lanes, a spa and sauna, 25 metre swimming pool and two wine cellars complement the 12 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms.

The cinema is held in a James Bond design. All 40 seats can be adjusted electrically. A 6 meter wide canvas and 57 speakers with another 16 subwoofers ensure true cinema experience. The 4 K projector has saved already 7000 films.

The nearly nine meters wide TV in the upper living room is supposed to be the largest TV in a home. Open air cinema feeling can be experienced in front of the skyline of Los Angeles, when the 6-meter-wide monitor rises from the ground at the end of the pool.

For two years the chef, a chauffeur and a masseuse and also seven employees are included in the price. Any other wishes? Broker and entrepreneur Bruce Makowsky will certainly meet them.

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