Around the world for seventeen years in a classic car

The Zapp family traveled 230,000 kilometers through 24 countries with their Graham-Paige classic cars from 1928. Herman and Cande Zapp started of to their first trip to Alaska, to fulfill a childhood dream to her first trip to Alaska to. It was not long and four (!) Children traveled with them on the rear sea bench t. “Atrapa tu Sueno”, “Spark your Life” is their credo, with which the Argentines make also a living. In South America, their book is a best-seller. A story somewhere between madness and passion. Since 2011, Classic-Car.TV accompanied this extraordinary family.

Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan and the Philippines, Tibet and the great wall of China… 300,000 kilometres is the result of Herman and Calendaria Zapp journey. For seventeen years (the anniversary was on January 25) they travel around the world in a vintage car from 1928. The Graham Paige was already particularly hard-wearing and reliable in the former times, when he still was produced, but certainly one would have discouraged a tour like this for the vehicle in these times.

Herman Zapp was not really a classic car friend, when he first saw the car. Herman Zapp says: “my grandfather always told me: If you want to come far, you have to go slowly.'” That ran through my head when I saw the Graham Paige for the very first time. Four months before our big trip should go to Alaska, an old man came to me and offered me his car. After some hesitation, he convinced me to at least look at it, because actually we wanted to realize our dream of a travelling around the world as backpackers. I had no idea of classic cars, but knew a lot about horses, tractors and trucks. Mechanics is a foreign word for me and until today I don’t really like it. But with this car, everything was different. I suddenly felt something. I havenĀ“t thought a lot, but listened only on my stomach. “And it was as always, when I listen to my instinct and my heart I am on the right track.”

On the road, the vintage was adventurous strapped on fins, vessels and skids – but he withstood everything. “It often needed repairs”, so Herman Zapp, “, but he never left us alone in no man’s land. There was always the right mechanic in the right place at the right time. The car is so easy – no computer, no frills, just understanding. “And so far we had to pay only once.”

Four children were born on the long journey. Son Pampa in Greensboro, North Carolina, Tehue in Patagonia, Argentina, Paloma in Vancouver Iceland and daughter Wallaby… in Australia, Newport Beach. Now, the family wants to end the trip around the world. Finally, the eldest son is already sixteen years old Pampa.

Family Zapp is currently on their way through Spain in the classic car.