700 vintage cars for sale

Once again, an enormous collection of around 700 vintage cars comes under the hammer. Ron and Eunice Hackenberger in Norwalk / Ohio had a common passion and since 1962 they have been collecting automobiles and everything that has wheels. For Ron, everything had started with the 1948 Studebaker of his grandfather. When the latter died, he lent money at the bank to buy the Studebaker. Ron began to build a Studebaker collection. His next vehicle was a Studebaker Golden Hawk from 1956.

Ron Hackenberger worked for many years as a trucker and had towing company. All he got at the hook and was no longer needed was brought to his property in Ohio. In his own shipping company, Ron alone had around a hundred trucks and trailers. Life as a trucker left health traces and Ron decided to move with his wife Eunice and in the meanwhile six daughters, to Texas and open a cattle farm there. He also continued to collect vehicles during this time. After a few years, Ron Hackenberger decided to relocate to Norwalk / Ohio and acquired some land and houses. But the recession in 2008 did not pass the Hackenberger family. Ron could deal with the banks and managed to keep the vehicle collection together. He opened a campsite and a catering company, which still is lead by his daughters today.

This collection is now available for over 700 vehicles. From 14 to 16 July 2017 an auction of the auction company Yvette Van der Brink Auctions will take place. The auction is without limit, this means the highest price applies.

The collection now houses about 250 Studebakers. Including trucks, pickups, Champions, Commanders, Avantis and even a Darrin roadster project. But also friends of muscle cars might get their finding: 65s Mustang, 66s Dodge Charger, 67s Plymouth Barracuda and a 57s Chevrolet. But the rarities that are in the collection are much more interesting. Ron also collected European vehicles like BMW Isettas, Citroen, Renaults, Crossley’s, King Midgets, a rare Tatra, Borgward, Fiats, Hondas, Jaguars and Porsche and much more.

PHOTOS: ©Van der Brink Auctions