Lancia Flaminia 3C Coupe Speziale Pininfarina

The Lancia Flaminia Coupé celebrated its debut in 1958 at the Turin Motor Show. The Flaminia model shown here was designed by designer Tom Tjaarda at Pininfarina and built as a single piece, presented in 1963 at the Turin Motor Show. After a small tour at other automobile exhibitions, the Lancia Flaminia with special body passed into the possession of Battista Pininfarina. He drove the coupe from 1965 to 1972.

The line of the Lancia Flaminia 3C looks very modern. They flow into each other in precise perfection. The rear roofing line gives the Lancia a dynamic, sporty look. Likewise, the low-lying sills, each of which is concealed with a wide chrome strip. Roundings have been perfectly integrated in the otherwise rather angular and long-drawn form. The small rear window follows the swing of the wheel arch and the roof line. The large air intake and the two transversal double headlights mark the front. Despite his reduction to simple forms, Tjaarda succeeded in building up a real tension in the formal language. The taillights are perfectly fitted into the body shape and flow with the contours of the tail.

Underneath the bonnet is a 2.5 liter V6 engine. Technically, the Lancia Flaminia was very advanced. The front wheels are suspended on double cross-arms, the rear wheels on a De Dion axle. The vehicle is as good as original. The rear of the vehicle was only rear-mounted. The vehicle is now owned by the Italian prototype collector Corrado Lopresto. The speedometer shows just over twenty thousand kilometers.

OHOTOS: ©Kay MacKenneth