Lego Ideas

The Lego Ideas website always publishes ideas from Lego enthusiasts, who submit their works and hope that their model may go into production. Then Social Media decides what happens, because the fans have to evaluate these models and with sufficient comments, Lego then takes the model into their production. We have discovered two models on this website, which we would like to introduce to you here.

A 50 cm long Lego model of the 1932 Alfa Romeo Spider Touring Gran Sport in 1: 8 scale. The model is completely built of Lego Technic parts and has some extra features. The steering wheel controls the front wheels. The side doors can be opened. The bonnet is held by securing hooks and can be opened. The eight cylinder engine is replicated and even the interior is recognizable to the smallest detail. The axles are suspended by half-elliptical springs. This is a model in which assembly is certainly fun.

We also discovered the Lego model of a 1930s racing car. This model was inspired by the American racing driver Kay Petre, who was able to set up the Land Speed Record for women in 1935 and a top speed of around 217 km / h. This model is almost 40 cm long and as detailed as the Lego model described above. The high Boattail rear is worked out very beautifully. Again, the steering is functional and the bonnet is removable. Very nice on the model is that the front wheel camber is even adjusted properly and thus gives the model a real look.