Rétromobile Paris

Every year, the Rétromobile in Paris is the prelude to the international vintage car fairs. Although it is not the largest trade fair in the world, it stands out because of the very special flair of the exhibitors. Here, the creme de la creme of international traders is presented together with the French Savoir Vivre. Of course, the French brands attended the special exhibitions, but the visitors, interested in the sales, were able to enjoy a very exclusive selection of vehicles. After only a few hours, the first sales signs were found on many of the vehicles.

Just in time for the 70th anniversary of Ferrari, some real Ferrari rarities were to be found at the fair. Early Ferrari racing genes are owned by the 1931 Alfa Romeo 8C Zagato Spider from the Scuderia Ferrari, which was driven by Novulari in some races. On the stand of J.D Classics, the Ferrari 250 MM Vignale Spyder shone, next to the Fiskens Formula 1 Ferrari 312 T3, which was once piloted by Reutemann and Villeneuve.

Lovers of rare Formula 1 vehicles came to the booth of Tradex and Methusalem this year. Among the displayed cars was the Ferrari 312 B2, which the factory drivers Andretti, Ickxs and Regazzoni contested the 1971 season, next to two copies of the Ferrari 312 B3. A highlight was also the 1964 Ferrari 1512, the first F1 Ferrari equipped with a V8 engine. Richard Mille also showed some real rarities from Formula 1 racing history. Including the three-axle Tyrell P34, which won the Grand Prix of Sweden in 1976. Directly opposite was the three-axle March 2-4-0 of 1977. All-wheel drive was presented by the 969 Crosworth F1 4WD, which was once driven by Jackie Stewart and Trevor Taylor. The McLaren M9A also proved very successful with its four-wheel drive technology. The 1969 Lotus 63 was once driven by Colin Chapman.

Racing genes also appeared at Ascott Collection. Including the BMW 3.0 CSL Group 2, a McLaren Can-Am racing car from the 1960s and a replica of the Kremer Porsche 917, which took place in Le Mans in 1981. At William I’Anson LTD, there was a Lotus Eleven next to the Chevron B16.
Once, six Delage 15 S8 Grand Prix vehicles were built for racing. At this year’s Retromobile alone, five of these vehicles were on display.

The Rétromobile is also the hub for lovers of historical supercars and sports cars. At the booth of Kienle Automobiltechnik, the visitors of the Rétromobile could admire the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR. A Bugatti EB110was exhibited at Movendi. Both are upcoming classics, which are already a real investment. The Italian sports cars from the 1960s and 1970s are led by the Italian brands. Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini formed the spearhead of the offers. Sport cars like the Lamborghini Jalpa or Urraco, which have not yet been noticed, now stand at the exclusive dealerships and are experiencing a significant increase in value. The Countach is particularly popular. The yellow Countach, shown at Fiskens stand, was always surrounded by visitors. Also Alfa Romeo rarities were to be found. The Alfa Romeo G1 is one of the most important vehicles in the history Enzo Ferrari, he had contributed significantly to this project. Today only one of these vehicles is left and was to be seen this year on the Rétromobile. Next to it was the unique Alfa Romeo Superflow Pininfarina built in 1960.

Of course the exclusive French brands were not to be missed at the show. And here, too, there were some very unique specimens to admire, such as the Talbot Lago Teardrop Coupé with Figoni and Falaschi bodywork or the Peugeot 402 DS with its equally aerodynamic appearance. The shape of the Voisin C28 Aerosport from 1935 is very impressive. The Bugatti shown with the Figoni and Falaschi Teardrop bodywork was also very attractive. Also this year, the Bugattis were the leading French brand. Lukas Hüni put the Bugattis in the comparison to Walter Owens Bentleys. Including the Blower Bentley “Old No. 2”. The sporty and elegant Bugattis were in an absolute contrast.
Sporty elegance was also evident in the Packard 645 DeLuxe Sport Phaeton from 1929, which was shown at the booth of Axel Schuette. Also some German dealers were present. For the first time Arthur Bechtel had a booth at the Retromobile in Paris and was very satisfied. HK Engineering, Mechatronics and also Brabus were represent. The German dealers mainly showed Mercedes Benz vehicles. Although several Porsche 911 models could be seen on the Retromobile this year, their number was very limited.

PHOTOS: ©Kay MacKenneth /Classic-Car.TV