Collector of the special kind

The value of its automobile collection is around 1 million dollars. But the vehicles Bruce Pascal collects, do not necessarily gather in everydays life, except in the children’s room. Bruce Pascal has been collecting Hot Wheels cars for decades. Those toy cars that we all pushed down the ramps down and looped in the 70s. Its collection now includes over three and a half thousand models, including 175 unique prototypes. He had his office converted into a Hot Wheels room at home and adapted by an architect.

The most expensive model is around 150,000 dollars. It is a pink Bully bus with a surfboard. This model was once produced by Mattel, to interest even girls for the toy cars. But they rather fell victim to the guys, who knocked with a hammer on the cars to destroy them. Today only two vehicles are known worldwide. The model of Bruce Pascal is in a very good condition and therefore very much in demand.
For the price of this small toy car, Bruce could have bought a super car for the all day use.

PHOTOS: @Barcroft TV / Youtube