Bruce McLaren – The Movie

A New Zealand production conquered international cinemas in 2017. It is about a legend of the automobile history: Bruce McLaren. The biographical documentation tells the rise of Bruce Mclaren to one of the most important and popular racing drivers.

Bruce McLaren grew up in Aukland / New Zealand. At the age of ten Bruce Morbus Perthes was established. A childhood disease, with a strong circulatory disturbance of the hip, which often leads to necrosis. The consequences are pain and limping. But Bruce McLaren fought and learned to walk again very soon.

Already in college, McLaren began racing. With 20 he took part in the Grand Prix in New Zealand and proved his great talent. In the age of 22, he was the youngest racing driver ever to win a Formula One race at the United States Grand Prix. In 1964, he set up the McLaren racing team, which became the most successful racing team in the world and won the Tasman Series, Formula 1, in Indianapolis, Le Mans and the Can Am racing series. Even Henry Ford II drew attention to McLaren and asked him to pilot the hard-to-drive Ford GT40 in Le Mans together with him and Chris Amon. The winning picture with Henry Ford II, Chris Amaon and Bruce McLaren still hangs at the Ford headquarters in Dearborn.

In 1970, Bruce McLaren was killed with a new Can Am racing car during the test ride. His team continued. Initially with the support of Bruce McLarens Mrs. Patty McLaren-Brickett. It was she who made it possible to shoot this film. Unfortunately, Patty died during the production period.
An inspiring documentary about a man’s pioneer, the unshakable tenacity, the infinite passion and the immeasurable history of an engine-racing icon, arose.

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