Detroit Autorama

The Autorama took place in the Detroit automobile city In February 2017, a show where custom and hot rod designers showed what they had created last year. If you would like to receive the coveted Ridler Award, which has been awarded since 1963 and is named after the Autorama promoter Don Ridler, the vehicle may not been shown anywhere, not even renderings or sketches.

This year the “Renaissance Roadster” from Nancy and Buddy Jordan from Portland / Oregon took home the victory. A 1933 Ford was completely redesigned and built from scratch. The aluminum body was made at Steve’s Auto-Restoration and placed on the old, overhauled chassis. All components are custom-made, even the rims.

The Detroit Autrama Show has a real tradition. For the last 65 years, the Custom Car and Hot Rod scene has been taking part in this show and is showing their exhibits. While in Silicon Valley the autonomously controlled cars are already on the road, the Autorama still reflects on the original values of the automobile. There is nothing that has not been seen before. The Hot Rods of the 60s, inflated trucks and vans in the 70s to running waterbeds with 20 inch rims, driving bathtubs or Ted Munster mobiles in the 80s.
The authorama preserves a culture. And the creativity of the artists is not enough. Musclecars with supercharged V8 engines and flake paint, chopped Mercurys lying flat over the floor or hot rods from old 1930s Ford’s. There is always something new to watch.