A center for Lamborghini classic cars

Automobili Lamborghini officially opens its new PoloStorico facility, a center dedicated to Lamborghini classic cars and the preservation of Lamborghini heritage.

The new studio, located inside the main entrance of Lamborghini’s factory and headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, provides a dedicated space for clients of PoloStorico and the Lamborghini PoloStorico team. The classic department is committed to the restoration and certification of classic Lamborghini cars out of production for at least ten years (from Lamborghini 350 GT to Diablo); the preservation of archives and records; and the provision of original Lamborghini spare parts for classic cars. Lamborghini boasts a spare parts warehouse that covers more than 65% of classic Lamborghini spare parts, with supply of additional components on request.

“The preservation of Lamborghini classic cars and the rich heritage associated not only with the cars but our history of innovative and groundbreaking design, production and brand over more than 50 years, is an essential department within our company as we head to the future,” said Automobili Lamborghini Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Stefano Domenicali. “The investment into our new Lamborghini PoloStorico facility reflects the importance we attach to our heritage and our classic car clients who, when restoring, certifying or maintaining their cars want to return to Lamborghini for the authenticity and accuracy that only Lamborghini ensures.”

Lamborghini PoloStorico receives classic Lamborghini owners from all around the world, also managing transport of classic cars that may spend between six and 24 months in Italy during a full restoration.

PoloStorico also offers a unique Certification of Authenticity service, which preserves and enhances the value of Lamborghini classic cars.