Car quartets 65. anniversary

Playing card quartets are not an invention of modern times. As early as the 16th century monks practiced with such cards with their pupils. Ludwig XIV, for example, learned the order of his ancestors through the quartet game. Quartets were already available in all possible variants: cats, dolls, military, toys, mathematics, literature, famous paintings, poems and many other topics. The quartet was at that time an entertaining educational instrument.

In 1952, Werner Seitz, volunteer with the Vereinigte Altenburger & Stralsunder Spielkartenfabriken A.G. Stuttgart-Leinfelden (ASS), had the idea to launch a car quartet on the market. Previously there was only a quartet with the heroes and achievements of the automobile racing drivers. But the dream of their own automobile should also be introduced into the children’s and living rooms. Automobile brochures were ordered from the manufacturers. The illustrations of the vehicles were cut out, placed on a neutral background and reproduced. Below, a table with the basic technical data. The price for this first automotive quartet: 2.90 DM. The first edition was limited to 2,500 copies. The title of the first car quartet was a Mercedes Benz 300 S CoupĂ©. The quartet was still in black and white. Only in 1956 the quartet became colored.

With the car quartet, the basic way to play this card game changed. So far they have always been collecting the four related cards. The tabular listing of the technical data developed a new “game rule”, which was developed not by ASS but on the road. Now the displacement, hp or the speed trumped. The rules were fixed by the players themselves. A new game was born and went around the world.